Consulting Specialities

Why use a Consulting Firm?

By contracting BMG Sol for your organization or initiative, you have increased your staff and expanded your expertise without breaking the bank. We work for you, in only the areas that you need. BMG Sol can help you increase your productivity, because you can focus on your mission, and we will take care of the rest. 

How can we benefit?

BMG Sol has worked to assist organizations in a variety of ways. We have hosted turn-key galas to help the host successfully achieve their fundraising or awareness goals. We can collaborate on strategies for growth. We can consult on the hiring process for an employee or the on-boarding of board members to ensure that these individuals are mission-aligned. We are flexible and dependable. Our services put you in the driver's seat of your organization.

Consultants that Stand out

Since every package is customized for the client, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. We allow our clients to outline their needs and help them to fulfill the scope of work. 

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This is based on estimates all plans are customizable and based on your selected needs and budget

Annual Strategy Planning

Combination Event & Strategy Planning

Annual Organization Goal Strategy

Large Event Planning